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ChrisHayashida: Searching for subpages? (2006-02-16 16:59) [#1054]

I did a quick search for "thickness," thinking that the page I was working on, Chris's Go Pages/Thickness would show up, but it didn't.

Does the search function look for subpages? Or am I doing something wrong? Not being able to search for my page definitely makes it less useful. :(

Hicham: preferences (2006-02-16 17:19) [#1055]

You can set it in the preferences to include subpages when you search.

ChrisHayashida: Re: preferences (2006-02-17 03:17) [#1059]

Oh, I didn't see that. Is this enabled by default? If not, can we change that?

I sort of wanted my pages to be easily accessible/searchable by the beginners at my club.

Unkx80: Re: Searching for subpages? (2006-02-16 18:30) [#1057]

There is also FindPage.

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