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93 pictures is too many! [#298]

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xela: 93 pictures is too many! (2006-02-14 13:05) [#1027]

Gosh, this page takes a long time to download over dialup. Maybe some of those pictures could be external links rather than inline images?

tderz: Re: 93 pictures is too many! (2006-02-14 13:53) [#1029]

Not too many, IMO.

The experienced problem seems to be caused also by the modem.

How about broadband, cable, DSL or some other acronyms which allow for fast download of much data in split seconds (ok, almost)?

And again, as always, in a foreseeable time even these will become obsolete as modems nowadys.

velobici: too many indeed (2006-02-14 13:22) [#1028]

some of those pictures ?? How about all but one.

Hicham: Too much I agree (2006-02-14 16:15) [#1033]

I am not on dial up, but even then it takes a while to load all these pictures. On top of that, I agree that one picture and link would be enough. The 90+ other pictures do not add that much value to the page.

Unkx80: Moved the cover images off the main page (2006-02-14 18:04) [#1034]

Not too nice to have so many cover images on the main page. Can be quite a pain to download even on broadband. For those interested in the cover images, I have moved them off to a subpage.

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