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reply Almost-filling a Bulky Five (2012-01-02 00:32) [#9196]

I'm new to the site, so please correct me if this isn't the proper way to seek clarification.

I don't understand the purpose of almost-filling a bulky five into a pyramid four or a squared four. To do so one must first take the vital point. After taking the vital point, isn't the group dead? Why would one sacrifice three more stones to almost-fill a bulky five into a pyramid four if the group is already dead?

Please forgive my naivety if this is a silly question, or if this is not the proper way to post a request for clarification.

Dieter: ((no subject)) (2012-01-02 01:00) [#9197]

It is the proper way, or rather one of many proper ways to ask a question. The question is legitimate: if you master the concepts of almost fill and vital point, there is nothing specific about almost filling the bulky five with a square four: it is merely the demonstration of how almost fill applies to this particular shape.

In order to capture a group with only one eye space, being a bulky five, indeed one has to play on the vital point first, then proceed to fill outside liberties and almost fill the bulky five. Finally, the last play inside the eyespace will remove the stones.

Mostly, this procedure is not necessary to complete: a play on the vital point will kill the group and only if the attacking group and the group to be killed are involved in a capturing race it is necessary to actually capture the group.

X Understood - Thanks (2012-01-03 00:16) [#9198]

Thanks for your clear and easy-to-understand explanation!

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