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reply Add screenshots (2011-02-17 14:09) [#8320]

Would it be nice to add small screenshots of every server?

This way it makes things more colorful....

Before adding, its best to agree on a format

willemien: Good idea (2011-02-19 01:37) [#8328]

I think it is a good idea as long as the screenshots are small (not bigger than the description of the server.)

you can add bigger ones to the page of the servers themselves.

I did the same with clocks page.

But a problem is that it will make the page slow. maybe we could cut the page up by making seperate pages for

mainpage with Most common servers and then seperate pages for English supported Go Servers - Alphabetical list

Chinese (non English supported) Korean (non English supported) Japanese (non English supported)

Defunct Servers & New server ideas see also the comments in the other posts on this forum page (about wme)

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