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Unwinding Systematic Joseki [#2480]

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tapir: Unwinding Systematic Joseki (2011-01-12 21:45) [#8238]

If no serious objection happens during the next weeks, I will proceed to unwind the Systematic Joseki pages during March 2011. The pages will be removed only after looking at them individually and extracting valuable contributions. The core project page and subpages will be kept for their historical value.

See earlier discussion here: Future Use of SL#toc1 and t:2067

While I believe any systematic presentation of a single move per page is doomed to failure and not promising at all, the Systematic Joseki project never contained significantly more than 150 pages and is practically abandoned since more than five years. These 150 pages are but a very tiny fragment of the thousands or tens of thousands of pages that would be necessary for a systematic presentation, there removal thus does not constitute a major challenge to anyone eager to try anew. (Even, if he could find more promising ways to contribute to Sensei's Library.)

reply g'luck! (2011-01-13 00:15) [#8240]

Reuven: I wish I could help removing the mess we've made there but I'm kinda short on time, sorry ^^* G'luck with it ^^*

tapir: ((no subject)) (2011-04-06 21:18) [#8394]

This proceeded as announced. Some material recovered for use elsewhere, but it was less than thought.

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