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Influence of this table on ranking systems [#2469]

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LiKao: Influence of this table on ranking systems (2010-12-27 18:10) [#8201]

How much influence does this table have on the ranking systems?

For example I play much more online(in particular on KGS) than offline. So when I went to an EGF tournament I decided on my rank with the help of this table (KGS 7k->EGF 9k).

If other players act in a similar way then this table not only describes the differences in ranking systems, but influences them as well.

I guess this is only the case for western ranking systems. And probably mainly in the kyu ranks, since most dans don't improve much between tournaments and thus don't reset their ranking between tournaments.

How do you decide which rank to use in offline tournaments? Use this table? Use your KGS rank without any offset? From your previous tournament results? From how you do in your local go club?

willemien: ((no subject)) (2010-12-27 18:46) [#8202]

You can only use this table as an estimate of your rank.

It will (if everything is done properly) not have a big influence on the national/EGF ranking because only if you play against players with an national/EGF ranking your ranking will be altered.

For ddk ranks the ranking is not such a big deal. but a tournament Directors? will rather use an old national ranking than a new online ranking. (But he may persuaded to rank you some ranks higher)

So as advice i can say use the table but use it lightly and discuss it with the organiser.

Some local clubs will only rank you or on a fixed rank (rather low) or only after a win and a loss (The idea being that your rank is somewhere between the two)

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