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reply ((no subject)) (2010-09-01 22:36) [#7962]

Shusaku is undeafeated in castle games ok.But what about Jowa?i cant find castle game of his where he lose.But i only have acces to gobase.Its interesting what is Jowa record of castle games.

X Re: ((no subject)) (2010-09-02 07:59) [#7964]

valerio: I have’nt the complete list of Jowa’s oshirogos. In my archive there are only 8 games and Jowa lost 2 times, playing black, against Hayashi Hakuei Monnyu in 1823 and in 1828. The list is not complete.

reply ((no subject)) (2011-06-11 07:27) [#8600]

Its probably wrong record.In 1828 Hakuei was 23 years old and had still wait 20 years to promotion to 7 dan so he was around 4-5 dan.For the other side Jowa was 7 dan , maybe 8 dan accordin to sensei page.Hard to believe that Hakuei played white with Jowa and won!.So almost sure Jowa was white and Hakuei black.According to this: [ext] Its seems that Jowa gave Hakuei 2 stones and lost by 6 points. by the way this site ubove is great has many records very uncommon in net but of course is mostly in japanese(or chinese dont know) maybe some day will translate at least all names(would be graet).

X Re: ((no subject)) (2011-06-11 18:19) [#8601]

valerio: Jowa lost in 1828 playing white, of course. In the list [ext] (the list is in traditional chinese, code big5) there are 8 oshirogos and Jowa won 7 of them: 1819 B+R Yasui Chitoku; 1820 B+R Hattori Intetsu; 1821 W+12 Inoue Ansetsu (Genan Inseki); 1822 B+R Inoue Insa Inseki; 1825 W+6 Hayashi Genbi; 1827 B+R Hayashi Genbi; 1829 W+1 Yasui Sanchi. By the Japanese list (code shift-jis) [ext] also the game of 1823 was a oshirogo. This result is confirmed by the list oh Hakuei's oshirogos ([ext] Sorry for my bad English.

reply ((no subject)) (2012-08-15 17:30) [#9579]

After some researches i came to conclusion that Jowa won all his castle games when playing black, and white but lost only 2 games with Hayashi Hakuei giving him 3 and later 2 stones.He also won in 1829 with Yasui Sanchi giving him 2 stones handicap.So we can say his castle games record is pretty good. Also i cannot find any castle games of Hoshiai Hasseki which he lose( i found 6 and he won all) - anybody has some more info about this?

reply ((no subject)) (2012-08-15 19:57) [#9580]

Hasseki won six of the seven games he played; Wikipedia [ext] Japanese edition lists a loss in 1688 (by 3 points, playing white) against Inoue Dosa Inseki.

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