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Looking for rules and tools to support programmed-move Go [#2355]

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reply Looking for rules and tools to support programmed-move Go (2010-08-17 16:54) [#7887]

Let me explain first the concept of "programmed-move Go":

  • The basic rules of Go are the same. Pick the one you want to use.
  • A depth of programming is set, it is better if it a odd number (3 or 5), called D
  • Each player prepare a program to define their next D moves.
  • During the resolution, if a move is invalid move, it is considered a pass move.

I imagine that type of rule because

  • I would like to understand what strong player imagine when they play a move.
  • I used to be a programming engineer
  • (It would reduce the time of playing game by email.)

So my questions are:

  • Are you aware of such rules or example of games?
  • What could be the tool to support such set of rules?
  • Any volunteer to try?

As example on a 5x5 goban with a depth of 3.

starting goban White to play  

Both player provide their programmed move at the same time:

  • From White: white D2, if black C2 then white D3 otherwise white C2
  • From Black: if white C2 then black D2, if white C5 then black D5, otherwise black C2

The example shows that language of programmed move is to be defined.

After programmed moves  

And then you go on. Of course it does not make to much sense on a 5x5 goban.

willemien: ((no subject)) (2010-08-17 17:18) [#7888]

On Dragon Go server somebody was busy with a tool for it.

see post [ext] http://www.dragongoserver.net/forum/read.php?forum=4&thread=26830#new1

He wrote a program in haskell but we were not able to port it to windows

do send me a PM on dragon go server maybe we can write something together

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