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reply Repeat (2010-07-26 14:03) [#7839]

Dieter: I wonder if, after about 80 weeks of Article of the Week, and with the evident decline of nominations, we shouldn't iterate over the gallery that has been established by now. It is either that, or retrieve more pages of high quality, or improve pages so that they acquire gallery status, or feature articles that are not of high quality. The latter option seems undesirable, and the other two require work.

tapir: ((no subject)) (2010-07-26 16:57) [#7841]

Obvious candidates for rerunning are of course the EGC and the American Go Congress... I forgot about that today. (Being sad that the two relayed games ended so quickly.)

HermanHiddema: Re: ((no subject)) (2010-07-26 17:43) [#7842]

Yes, it is an option to have a regular feature on those two events every summer.

Other than that, I wouldn't like to repeat too much. I think there's plenty of material on SL that can be featured, but it needs to be found and sometimes cleaned up a bit. Almost any article in, for example, a category like go terms is suitable for featuring, IMO. Many of those terms really don't need long articles, just a simple example and some explanation, and they're fine to be featured.

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