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Sebastian: Deleting one's own post (2010-06-16 00:03) [#7768]

I just started a new topic, but a minute later I felt it was a stupid question and wanted to delete it. It seems that's not possible; even after deleting both the text and the subject, there still remained an empty post. Is that right? Why is that so?

thanatos13: Re: Deleting one's own post (2010-06-16 04:50) [#7770]

do you mean deleting a page? well, only librarians and admins can do that, because it is hard to undo a page delete when a malicious person deletes all of wurengo3. All you have to do is put the page name up on tapir's to delete section.

Edit: oh... deleting a topic... Same reason I guess. XD cheers.

Sebastian: Re: Deleting one's own post (2010-06-16 10:50) [#7772]

No, what I meant was just the message, like the one I wrote above. I don't see any possibility for malice in doing that, especially not when nobody has replied yet. But in the case I asked about it doesn't matter anymore now, since I edited that post to make some sense. Re: Deleting one's own post (2010-06-16 18:42) [#7775]

you can delete your own message and change the subject to "please remove"... then someone will notice i guess. something of a workaround, but should be enough currently.

i wrote some stupid messages in forums as well, fortunately i could delete it myself


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