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(Enhancement) Email Changes/Watched pages by last change [#2217]

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ab: (Enhancement) Email Changes/Watched pages by last change (2010-03-06 11:37) [#7391]

There should be a possiblity to check for changes in a set of pages (which one is interested in), *without* checking "Recent Changes" every two days.

It could be done either with:
a) email notification (i.e. email is sent, when a watched page is changed), or
b) the "Watched Pages" page could include last-change dates of the watched pages (if possible, they would also be sorted by last-change-date)

I think b) would be real easy to implement, and quite useful:
One can quickly see if changes have occured in some pages in the last two to three weeks / last two months ... etc..

PeterHB: SL RSS feed? (2010-03-06 14:19) [#7392]

Have you played with the SL RSS feed ? I haven't used it myself, but I wonder if it could used with filters in you RSS aggregator to achieve the effect you desire?

ArnoHollosi: RC not sufficient? (2010-03-06 21:40) [#7394]

There is already such a function at RecentChanges: if you look at the top right, you see a link called "Watched only". The default is to show the last 10 days. You can set it to 14 days at UserPreferences. If that is not long enough, I can easily extend the maximum period.

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