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xela: Links to members-only site? (2010-02-24 00:34) [#7298]

I notice that links to some game records on have appeared. It's nice to have links to SGF files of these games--but these links are only accessible to people with a gobase account. So is it appropriate to have these links on the main page?

Kirby: Re: Links to members-only site? (2010-02-24 01:27) [#7299]

Perhaps someone can contact Jan van der Steen and ask him about it. I'm not an expert on game copyrights, but I doubt that they "belong" to anyone affiliated with GoBase. However, since they were compiled on the site, and clearly obtained by the site, I think it's best to just ask nicely.

If he gives the go ahead, then maybe the links can be redone to link to just the SGF file itself (and not a password protected one).

xela: Re: Links to members-only site? (2010-02-24 02:48) [#7300]

I'm not worried about the legal issues here. It's more the fact that people will click on the links then find that they need a password--it's not very friendly!

reply ((no subject)) (2010-02-24 03:03) [#7301]

Bob McGuigan: If Jan Steen did the work to put the game records on his site then he is entitled to restrict access, I think. Also, this whole page seems to be an advertisement for a product produced by Wang Runan. There is a link on that page to a place to buy the set of disks.

tapir: Re: ((no subject)) (2010-02-25 23:19) [#7317]

Of course it is his right. But should we link to game records on a member only site? It just feels rude (from us to our readers, not from Gobase). Don't we have at least some links to pages, which at least feature the game for online review - even if without download possibilty?

Cheers Tapir.

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