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reply Additional Feature Requests (2005-12-13 22:23) [#738]

I am looking forward to future releases, Drago is very impressive. I'd like to request the addition of a list of upgrades in the works (wish list) for the website and some sound options (at least for stone placements) for the program.

GillesArcas: ((no subject)) (2005-12-18 14:03) [#769]

addition of a list of upgrades in the works (wish list)

Do you mean something like DragoWishList?


Added to the wish list...

reply print diagrams (2005-12-23 17:36) [#783]

When I use Drago for making diagrams, I can select size of picture, but I prefer same size for stones (aproximately 30pixels per square intersection). Its not so easy to calculate it, cause of coordinates (included in size).

Slowman: Inserting moves (2006-03-26 22:28) [#1348]

When recording game, it is very usefull feature to insert moves into existing branch (forgotten kikashis etc.) Thank you

Slowman: Can't save options (2006-03-27 09:44) [#1349]

I can't save options such as Show variation as next moves & Markup none. After restarting program, settings switch to default.

GillesArcas: Re: Can't save options (2006-03-27 22:40) [#1352]

Hello inserting a move in the middle of a game is already in the whishlist. It is now very close to the top :) Regarding your problem, please verify your version, should be 2.00. If not, please upgrade. If the problem persists, please contact me by email: gilles_arcas at hotmail dot com.

GillesArcas: Re: Can't save options ... with STyle property (2006-04-06 00:13) [#1383]

Public answer now after confirmation (hello Slowman)

The problem occurs with SGF files with ST property. This property enables sgf writers, or clients by the way, to configure the display of next moves or variations with some markups on the go board. The ST (STyle property) enables to specify:

  • if the marks are visible or not
  • if the marks are associated with next moves or variations

As encoded in the SGF file, they are prioritary on current settings, unless the user forces the settings. But: changing the options does not change the file, and you find back the setting you do not want when reloading the file!

Confusing, isn't it! The solution is to delete the ST property by:

  • opening the Information dialog in Drago (the "I" button), then the Misc tab,
  • select "No style defined for current game" and save the file

Perhaps an option "Don't use Style property" could be useful.

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