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an (undesired) translation to Russian and a ban [#2147]

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reply an (undesired) translation to Russian and a ban (2010-01-16 18:30) [#6979]

Hi Francois!

(ip) translated parts of the page Rules of Go - introductory to Russian and FrancoisVanNiekerk decided to see this as vandalizing and banned the ip.

(" vandalised introductory text")

Maybe you can forgive him (or her) and advise him to make a Russian-only introductory page (possibly first as HomePage), point him to the Sandbox (where he can start) and to the RussianLanguagePages (not yet many on Sensei's). -- RueLue

FrancoisVanNiekerk: Re: an (undesired) translation to Russian and a ban (2010-01-16 18:53) [#6980]

I didn't ban the ip, I just added it to the list on WikiVandal. This was due to his edit, which replaced english sections of text with russian. It would have been different if he had added the russian as a supplementary text below, but what he did is not desirable, so I reverted it.

I don't think it would make sense to add russian on the same page, but another page could work. I do not understand russian and cannot do it myself.

As for telling him to go to the Sandbox etc. I only have an ip, I can't easily communicate and tell him this.

As for whether this was actually vandalising: it is debatable, but I do think that the introductory texts should be treated with special care to avoid turning beginners away.

tapir: Re: an (undesired) translation to Russian and a ban (2010-01-17 01:07) [#6981]

we had a similar case some days ago. and of course did not ban. if there would be a way to communicate it would be easier... however i don't believe someone translates a page by hand without caring where he can put it or reading around a bit more. machine translation, reaction test, arnos student? i have no idea. Re: an (undesired) translation to Russian and a ban (2010-01-19 17:04) [#7037]

"ban": it was my misinterpretation of the page WikiVandal. I'm pleased to read, that the regulars at Sensei's are still cautious at handling undesired edits.

I translated the text with the Google tool (see [ext] ) and could see, that the russian text was indeed a translation of the english text (the page How To Translate Sensei's shows some ways to get translations).

The communication with editors, where you only know the ip is surely difficult. An idea (needs programming by Arno) is to show a message (for some days) to the readers from an ip-range. (A whois search showed, that the ips - are all the same provider: "Pushkin town network", administered from St.Petersburg)

Next idea: introductory pages can have language links (with a flag?) to other language's pages within Sensei's with the same content. That doesn't need programming, just doing. -- RueLue

tapir: Re: an (undesired) translation to Russian and a ban (2010-01-19 20:33) [#7045]

Well, I thought it is quite clear from my previous entry that nobody will be banned for this kind of "vandalism". Afaik there are pretty much no russian pages and only Bob (of the regulars) with some russian knowledge here. ([ext]

Still I believe anybody able to translate from English should be able to start some kind of communication. (And I guess it might be an accident with babelfish or sth. similar.)

Regards Tapir.

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