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willemien: removing old forums post (2010-01-14 13:04) [#6932]


Can we not have a way to remove old / not relevant / not relevant anymore forum posts? (I mean the furum type discussion pages where the link discusspage on the top of a page link to)

I think they clutter up our library.

I think this is maybe best only done by experienced deshi's (something similar like page name change requests are handeled.

I am not in favour for forum type discussion pages in general, i prefer Discussion subpages of the page more. mostly for this reason. Although i see them handy for recent discussions, for many discussions a a discussion subpage is just much nicer (In my opinion that is). Maybe something that only pages with the SL keyword? can have the forum type discussionpage or so would be my sugestion, but i can imagine that this is difficult to implement.

tapir: Re: removing old forums post (2010-01-15 11:13) [#6949]

librarians can do that already - but only reluctantly do so.

to speak for myself: i prefer small comments on main pages for all temporary additions. discussion subpages resulted mostly from wme activity afaik, where one did not dare to completely remove the discussions. til now i only removed some obviously obsolete discussion subpages or some of my own forum posts.

+ admittedly i don't see the problem with too much forum discussion. even if there were 1000 times more discussion on forums i don't see the cluttering of the library as they are kept separately at forum pages.

xela: Re: removing old forums post (2010-01-16 01:49) [#6970]

Personally I too prefer discussion subpages to forums. I think they allow for nicer formatting and a better flow of argument, as well as making it easy for people to retract comments where appropriate. See t:2118 for an example of a forum discussion looking very clumsy (follow the indentation!)

However, most people nowadays seem to prefer forums, so I've gone along with the majority and started using them.

Plain text takes up a very small amount of disk space by modern standards. I don't think there's ever any need to delete material from the library, unless it's offensive or otherwise inappropriate.

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