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Compatibility/SGF saving in 4.00 Drago release [#2121]

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reply Compatibility/SGF saving in 4.00 Drago release (2009-12-31 19:41) [#6832]

I don't know whether this is a Drago or a GoGrinder issue. I use Drago as the editor in GoGrinder to edit problems and enter hints/comments to save them back. This always worked well until I downloaded the new release and GoGrinder doesn't accept some SGFs I saved with Drago. The problem seems to be, that Drago writes a C tag at the end of the first line, adds a space and begins the tag content on the next line. Including an example here didn't work because the Wiki parses the brackets as links.

I don't know if GoGrinder is too sensitive here or it is a small flaw, but it didn't happen with the former versions of Drago.

GillesArcas: ((no subject)) (2010-01-01 19:02) [#6855]


I am not able to reproduce this here: neither creating unintentionally a line break just after the C tag, nor error in importing and browsing a problem with a line break starting a comment.

Could you send me an example sgf and give some details on the steps you follow? (email address in about box).


reply sent... (2010-01-02 00:58) [#6859]

yes, I sent you two example files, an original file and the result when you load the first one and "save as..." with Drago. Now that I think about it, it may well be that the same thing happens with earlier versions of Drago(?) and I just hit a special line length or something since I commented many files and saved them. Thanks for looking into them and thanks for the great program!

GillesArcas: ((no subject)) (2010-01-02 14:36) [#6866]

Ok. This comes from changes when saving to avoid too long lines. In the case of long comments, it adds a carriage return after the comment property tag. Although it is valid SGF, it gives an unusual layout and I will change that in next version.

reply ((no subject)) (2010-01-02 16:20) [#6878]

I supposed so, that GoGrinder is maybe a bit too sensitive here, its parser could just know after the C to ignore all spaces or linebreaks until it encounters the next opening bracket after which the actual comment starts.

If sgf really allows for arbitrary many whitespaces or carriage returns between the tag and its brackets, it is indeed valid sgf but as you said, rather unusual and some implementations get sensitive (as that of the game engine for long lines).

For a fix, the carriage return could just come before the C so that the C and the opening bracket appear on the same line.

reply Older versions downloadable? (2010-01-04 18:50) [#6893]

For now, it is unfortunately easier to edit the sgf directly with a text editor only, than to edit them first with Drago and after that correct the line break in a text editor. Since I rather would like to use Drago again, can I maybe download the last version somewhere?

GillesArcas: 4.01 release (2010-01-05 23:02) [#6903]

I have uploaded the 4.01 release. The main purpose is to fix a problem with the delete branch command when used at the root node. But I have also changed the way it saves long properties. It should not add new lines after property names anymore . Hope it is ok.


reply It works now perfectly again (2010-01-06 12:53) [#6904]

Thank you very much, Gilles!

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