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GillesArcas: Drago 4.00 announcement (2009-12-29 23:51) [#6782]

I am very glad to inform you that the 4.00 release of Drago can be downloaded at [ext] .

The purpose of this release is mainly related with game engines:

  • All current game engines are predefined. Just download them and declare them in the interface. No more need to enter command lines and the interface is updated to take into account the features of each engine.
  • Several game engines can be defined in the interface. Just select one of them when starting a game.
  • Games against engines may use timing, by defining time per game, time per move or Canadian byo-yomi.
  • More analysis functions from Gnu Go may be used: scoring, move suggestion, group status and influence regions.
  • An optional GTP window enables to monitor the dialog between engines and interface.

Other new features worthy to mention:

  • new configurable, floatable, dockable, minimizable sidebar
  • new game information panel with possible display of player images
  • additional settings for replay and problem modes
  • additional editing functions: remove properties and make main branch.

Best regards and a very happy new year!

willemien: Re: Drago 4.00 announcement (2010-01-02 02:03) [#6860]

Thanks for the new version. and so for the new year. Thanks

Iread that there are now 2 versions a normal installer and a " portable " one.

What is the difference?

GillesArcas: Re: Drago 4.00 announcement (2010-01-02 14:44) [#6868]

There is no difference other than installation. The portable version is installed by unzipping in some folder and uninstalled by deleting the folder. Typically, portable version are installed on USB devices with all settings saved in the key.

This has been requested several times for instance to make things easier when installing on Linux or with limited right access.

willemien: Re: Drago 4.00 announcement (2010-01-02 19:40) [#6879]


That is a version i want as well... just unzipping and it run. Does it also work if I unzip it to a CD (or other read only memory) and run it directly from the cd? (or is that asking to much)

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