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ArnoHollosi: (moved) What to do? (2005-10-08 21:51) [#3]

Nico: What kind of behaviour should people adopt when such defacement attempts appear?

  • Alert people currently present
  • Wait for librarian to revive pages
  • Revive oneself the last page ASAP when available

Arno: If you are the first one after a defacement, then you can revive the page (you need to set "deshi" status as your wiki experience in UserPreferences). If you are a "deshi" then click on edit-page and you will see a link below the text-area called "Revive previously archived version" Click there and you should get the original page. If this doesn't work (too many versions saved meanwhile) then only librarians or admins can revive the page (through the info&history page).

Sebastian: What is the policy about putting IP addresses on this page? Should it be done every time? If so, should it be a minor edit so the vandal doesn't see it?

unkx80: Usually only major offenders need to be listed, when they vandalize many pages. And yes, please add IP addresses here as minor edits. Thanks. =)

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