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Unkx80: Page readability (2009-09-16 22:35) [#6399]

A reader starts on the page Endgame. Then the first item on the suggested reading list is Basic Endgame Theory, which is this page.

This page introduces the term "deiri counting", but immediately presents the reader the "{3 | 0}" notation without even saying that this is. I doubt many readers can get past the first section.

X Re: Page readability (2009-09-17 17:28) [#6400]

Bill: This page is a hodgepodge of topics. It really is not basic endgame theory. I avoided editing it for a long time, preferring to make other endgame pages. I agree that the first thing that new readers read about endgame theory should not be an explanation about how to correct deiri values so that gote can be compared with sente. Other topics on the page are also not really basic. I am not happy with the whole page.

tapir: Re: Page readability (2009-09-17 18:25) [#6401]

I agree on that... but guess who added it {deiri counting|miai counting|notation} five years ago :) Maybe writing a NewBasicEndgameTheory? from scratch is the way to go. Re: Page readability (2009-09-18 00:57) [#6402]

Bill: I did not add that section, I corrected it. ;)

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