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Unkx80: The disappearing edit summary (2009-09-15 19:03) [#6394]

Before I sound this out to Arno, I would like to ask, whether others have encountered their edit summaries disappearing from the recent changes page after saving their edits? I seem to get this sporadically, the last occurrence being the Wu Ren Go 1 / Black page, but I don't have a reliable way of reproducing this bug.

tapir: Re: The disappearing edit summary (2009-09-15 19:19) [#6395]

maybe the timeout for the unified edit and the edit summary are not the same? but really i never had that problem.

PeterHB: Not experienced problem as described (2009-09-15 19:36) [#6396]

I've not experienced this problem as you have described it.

I have noticed a trivial issue that my edit summaries sometimes don't appear immediately. But waiting perhaps 30 seconds and refreshing browser view of the recent changes fixes it for me. So I don't regard my little issue as a problem. Just some kind of caching or speed of update thing.

I haven't seen a case of me making an update and it not appearing in recent changes after say a couple of minutes.

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