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how many games does a pro play? is the quota relevant? (moved from page) [#1917]

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tapir: how many games does a pro play? is the quota relevant? (moved from page) (2009-07-30 16:24) [#6265]

Anonymous: How many games does a pro typically play in a year? And does Win 30 games as a 1 dan refer to all games played, or only those against other 1 dans

blubb: ... and is the winning quota entirely irrelevant, that is, does a 1p who has lost 270 games get promoted by the 30th win, no matter what?

Harleqin: As far as I understand, yes. You have to take into account that most tournaments are some kind of knockout, at least in the preliminary stages. This means that weaker players will also get less games to play, so it will take large amounts of time to get the required number of wins. When you have accumulated 300 games as 1p, it will have taken many, many years, so a promotion based on other merits will not seem out of place.

ChoUsRival: If you were to look at yamada kimio's record you will see he was the first to obtain a 9d by 200 wins as 8d since the new system was started. And yes it might be nice to just point out the dates of his promotion to 8d and the date of his promotion to 9d on how long that could take even with a decent winning average ^^;.

topazg: I think if we take the fact that getting to 9d would require 750 wins, and there are few pros that have ever reached 1000 wins (and is quite a recognised professional landmark), it is a very hard feat to achieve. Added to this, as far as I know, higher dan players tend to play much fewer games against lower dans in the main tournament rounds, the wins will also have to be against others that have been required to perform very highly or win a large number of games also. I suspect that if your record is 30 wins from 300, and as you go up that ratio will go down unless you improve, reaching the higher dan ranks on wins would not be feasible.

X Re: how many games does a pro play? is the quota relevant? (moved from page) (2010-05-16 03:24) [#7700]

Anonymous: It is not uncommon for a player in Japan to play one game per week, say 50 games per year. Thus a 1 dan pro could play 100 games over two years, win 30 and lose 70 and get promoted to 2 dan? There must be a time limit involved.

tapir: Re: how many games does a pro play? is the quota relevant? (moved from page) (2010-05-16 16:29) [#7701]

there is a limited number of tournaments open for a professional. this number is probably around 10 in japan. (different for young females who have the shinjin o and the three female only tournaments), during the preliminaries you get an additional game for each win - and this changes only if you reach league stages or double ko main tournaments or even finals (so we don't have to take it into account for our example). even a pro winning 30% of his games will only get about 15 games, winning 4. so it will take a whopping 7-8 years to get a promotion this way. with only 10% games won the first promotion will come short before retirement.

reply ((no subject)) (2012-03-30 16:38) [#9315]

So are the only games a professional plays nowadays the tournament games, there are no "oteai" games that are not part of some preliminary league for a title or other tournament?

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