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thanatos13: SGF webpage conversion (2009-05-13 18:55) [#6038]

I was trying to convert Dr. Straw's counting lessons for my viewing pleasure, but when I google to any site(SL, go4go, IGS... etc) I couldn't understand anything they say!!

I noobily used wordpad and used glgo to convert, but only the first words are shown and the variations are not... what do I do?

Phelan: Re: SGF webpage conversion (2009-05-13 20:15) [#6043]

If I am understanding correctly, you want something to convert an sgf to text an images, as if in a webpage, right? The best suggestion I can give you is to try the software listed in GoPrintingSoftware. However, DrStraw's counting lesson sgfs have some differences from normal game sgfs that might make them hard to convert.

Good luck!

thanatos13: Re: SGF webpage conversion (2009-05-14 06:11) [#6044]

this is hard to reply to... Thanks for giving me the link to that page and helping me almost immediately, but I already have glGo downloaded, so I don't think that getting another piece of software will help.

I am also learning without spending money, making really good stuff like GoBase and Smartgo automatically out of my reach.

Phelan: Re: SGF webpage conversion (2009-05-14 13:08) [#6047]

No problem! :) Some of the software in that page is free, but there usually is a problem that free software is not as easy to use.

And there is a lot of free and good study material out there, you just have to look.

And I also don't think there is a specific software that would immediately solve the problem above. I've looked for software that could easily take a commented SGF and turn it into a printed page, one good enough for studying a game on a real board and stones. I haven't found anything yet.

Good luck with your studies!

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