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ThorAvaTahr: phelan's remark (2009-03-16 22:17) [#5851]

Phelan: A while ago I read a news story about late bloomers in art which might be interesting to the topic: [ext]

Phelan: Re: phelan's remark (2009-03-17 00:56) [#5852]

Hmm, you think the wired article is that off-topic? It describes research done to categorize great minds according to the age when they produced the majority/best of their works. It seemed to be relevant.

ThorAvaTahr: Re: phelan's remark (2009-03-17 10:26) [#5853]

Hi Phelan,

No offense intended. Perhaps it is not that much off-topic, but it seemed to me that it was better placed in a discussion. IMO the remark on the main page cluttered the page. I read the wired article and I didn't see the link so clearly.

Phelan: Re: phelan's remark (2009-03-17 21:45) [#5854]

None taken. :)

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