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willemien: discussion about where to have discussions (2009-02-13 11:46) [#5792]

Lets open some discussion about where to have discussions.

There are about 4 places where discussions/ comments on a certain subject can happen on sensei library?

discussions on the main page (sometimes in the text directly sometimes under a line) discussions on a discussion sub page discussion on a mainpage with same subject+ discussion discussion on a forum ( via the discusionpage link on top of the page)

And i am always wondering about what is better. and why there are so many options. sometimes discussions happen at 2 places at the same time, (haven't found an example where 3 or 4 ways happen yet)

I myself have a preference for adding it to the main page. advantages ->

More prominent (do i smell some self aggrandisement) Easier to edit (you can not copy and paste from forum pages)

Disadvantages -> Can get confusing (which comment is from whom? (some people sign at the end others at the start from there comment) Gives the page a discussion image. (but is that not what you should expect) we don't all agree on everything)

The disadvantages of the others are

less visuability for forums you cannot copy it, (i am not sure if diagrams work at forum pages)

i would like to come to some standard wiki etiquette for it, but even now am I posting this at the wrong place allready? (if so just copy it to the right place)

Maybe we should have different ways depending on the discutability / age / lenght of the subject.

I know i have my preference, who has an other one. lets discuss them.

(This discussion follows from the discussions on Generalised Knockout where thare are two different discussions methods are used)

HermanHiddema: discussion formats all have their place (2009-02-15 23:28) [#5793]

I think this subject had been brought up before. Generally, I think that all of these formats have their place. For example, these discussion forums are less useful when discussing a game, because it is easier to add letters/variations on a page. So Ongoing Game 5 / Discussion would fare poorly in the forums. On the other hand these forums have the advantage that they automatically sign and date posts, and allow threading, which can benefit the discussion by making it more structured. As for discussion "in page" in a "discussion section" or on a "discussion subpage". These are mostly due to size and WME's I think. Starting a discussion in the middle of the page is fine. I consensus is reached, the result may be WME'd in to the page, with the discussion either removed, or moved to a section or subpage.

tapir: ((no subject)) (2009-09-18 23:20) [#6403]

see discussion pages for those which are on separate pages. i moved some small one to the forums the others i would just keep where they are.

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