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looking for killing 3-3 invasion page [#174]

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reply looking for killing 3-3 invasion page (2005-11-22 06:15) [#523]

Supposing one has great outside strength and when your opponent invades at 3-3 under your lone hoshi stone, you decide to try for the outright kill. How do you do it? I seem to recall a page where there is this setup something like this:


but the page had a funny title and now I can't find it again. Help!

Nachtrabe: ((no subject)) (2005-11-22 09:33) [#524]

I don't think it is doable. There is some trickyness that black can throw, but in the end white should still live with that much space around the 4-4 stone.

Trixy play.  
X Re: ((no subject)) (2007-12-19 10:02) [#4178]

The place to start is not the 3-4 point but the 2-4 points. You have to think differently as it is easy to run away along the 2nd line to safety. It is easy to kill in such a position.

reply ((no subject)) (2005-11-22 09:59) [#525]

Andrew Grant: On the contrary, it's not difficult to kill this. B3 in the diagram above is slack. Try B3 at 4 for a start.

Bildstein: ((no subject)) (2005-11-23 03:22) [#535]


reply that's it! (2005-11-23 04:07) [#536]

Thanks, Bildstein. That was what I was looking for. I suppose that giving black the extra 4-4 stone to start with in the 10x10CornerGame1 suffices for an easy kill.

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