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willemien: not so recent changes (2008-12-27 19:11) [#5431]

Hello would like to see a list of changes in the last week/ month and so.

(for if i am away for a long time) Or am i just again looking at the wrong place? (Would not be the first time)

Unkx80: Re: not so recent changes (2008-12-27 21:25) [#5432]

I think the maximum you can see is 14 days. Go to user preferences and set your "RecentChanges settings".

willemien: Re: not so recent changes (2009-01-06 15:05) [#5565]

Thanks but this only goes back till i think 2 weeks. While i was thinking about something that goes back till say 3 months

HermanHiddema: Re: not so recent changes (2009-01-06 15:14) [#5566]

I don't think there is a way to see that. The reason for it is probably to prevent excessive database load. If you feel you need it, you could ask for it at Bug Report. Perhaps an "older changes" link at the end of the list (next 14 days) is an idea. That would not put much extra load on the database.

ArnoHollosi: Re: not so recent changes (2009-01-06 15:39) [#5568]

do you realize that within 3 months there are about 4000 edits? Are you really going to look through a list of 4000 changes? ((no subject)) (2009-01-06 15:55) [#5569]

Bob McGuigan: Is it possible to search on date of posting? If so that would be a partial solution for Willemien.

ArnoHollosi: yes, AdvancedFindPage (2009-01-06 17:25) [#5576]

yes, AdvancedFindPage.

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