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How to merge pages? [#1648]

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willemien: How to merge pages? (2008-12-05 15:20) [#5365]

Willemien The MergeTemplate page doesn't give information on How to merge pages.

Therefore: How can I properly merge pages?

Also I do think that the toBeMerged and the merge template can be merged. Or maybe better just delete the to be merged page and create an alias. But I want to do that properly not on my own way.

Unkx80: Re: How to merge pages? (2008-12-05 15:59) [#5366]

Merging of pages can be seen as a special case of wiki master editing. As such, I have added some general guidelines on that page on how pages can be merged.

I have merged the pages merge template and to be merged by turning the latter into an alias of the former. In this case, there is nothing new to copy over from the latter page.

willemien: Re: How to merge pages? (2008-12-05 23:51) [#5370]


Only i am missing a link on the merge template to the wiki master editing page.

will try to do merge some normal content pages soon ish.

Also the Needs WME Template and the To Be Master Edited can be merged. (the To Be Master Edited page can be come an alias)

(I am just a bit wary of editing the Wiki Meta pages myself, think that should be done by experienced editors)

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