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Dieter: Keywords are not added (2008-10-21 18:19) [#5160]

Today I checked the pages created in the last few months, with pagetype "none", that is, generic pages.

72 had no keyword. 55 had keywords. This means keywords are rather added as an exception, then as a standard practice. This puts too heavy a burden on the librarian.

Either we care about keywords, and then we must tackle the issue structurally, or we don't.

It would be interesting to know how often people do searches through keywords (and substract the ones I do for library maintenance purposes)

I intentionally did not mark the minor edit key. Maybe it will invite users to set keywords right away. In particular "Books a Publications", "Tournament" and "People" are easy to set but often forgotten.

tapir: Re: Keywords are not added (2008-10-21 21:13) [#5161]

I sometimes add keywords via minor edit to new pages. Just explaining somewhere "look there are keywords, use it" during the addition of a new page may be a first step. Another problem may be some people are not sure about which keyword to add. My 0.02$


HermanHiddema: ((no subject)) (2008-11-12 14:30) [#5273]

Personally, I hardly ever use keyword searches, but I still think they are important.

But I think that most people, when they edit or create a page, have a clear goal in mind on what text they want to write. Most of them are unaware of the option to add keywords, or don't care. So I think there is very little we can do, and that it will often be up to the librarians and other active editors to fix this.

We may be able to improve keyword usage somewhat, perhaps, by xchanging the layout of the edit page. Perhaps more people will notice the keywords if they are above, instead of to the side, of the edit field.

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