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Random position/color when replaying games [#1560]

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reply Random position/color when replaying games (2008-10-01 12:38) [#5101]

It would be nice to have the ability to replay a game with random position and color, just like you can do with problems. There is already a dialog to limit replay to just fuseki. Perhaps one could expand on that dialog?

I have a set of pro games with some nice tesujis and interesting middle-game josekis that it would be nice to see from different andles. I also sometimes make my own files with middle game josekis and stuff that don't fit well as a normal problem but is more something I want to replay with some regularity.

I know I can manually rotate etc the game but it would be neat to have this functionality when opening a game.

Thanks. Johan Rex

maruseru: ((no subject)) (2008-10-01 13:10) [#5102]

Replaying a game with random orientation is feasible, but swapping colors is useful only for problems, not for whole games, because Black (or in handicap games, White) always begins.

reply ((no subject)) (2008-10-01 14:08) [#5103]

Indeed black plays first in a regular game. But I create sequences like "cut the two space jump in good shape" where I mean good shape for both colors, and I want to play both colors. In this case swapping colors makes sense.

I could create two problems ofcourse; one where I do the the cutting and one where I defend but I'm trying to keep the number of problems down.

I think this feature won't add any complexity that isn't already in place and it's easy to ignore it for those who don't want to use it.

maruseru: ((no subject)) (2008-10-01 20:19) [#5108]

Ah, so you're talking more about whole-board problems rather than replaying whole games. That makes more sense.

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