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5 Kyu Cyberoro ??? [#1536]

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reply 5 Kyu Cyberoro ??? (2008-08-26 19:28) [#5027]

There is a broken link for the explanation of ranks on Cyberoro. Can anyone provide any justification for the very odd looking 5kyu ranks?

velobici: Re: 5 Kyu Cyberoro ??? (2008-08-26 20:15) [#5028]

i have commented the link as broken. could not find the new location of the information on the CyberORO website.

PeterHB: Justification (2008-08-26 23:04) [#5029]

I assume you are the same mystery person with the multiple IP addresses. Anyway, if you are anywhere between 5kyu & 15kyu on KGS/EGF/AGA/IGS and you play 200-300 games on Cyberoro ( not 2 or 3) report how you do. You will discover that Cyberoro is infested with casual sandbaggers in the 15k to 5kyu rankings. i.e. the justification is how to represent a broken rating system on the table. CyberOro's rating system is so broken that it is pretty random what strength you get to play against for DDKs and high SDKs. I don't mean random in the normal sense. I mean that too many times you get slaughtered rather than just have a game with someone of a similar standard. As usual, there is a lack of data issue. If only readers of this page would contribute their rankings on the different servers the question would be simple to answer. Arguments without facts are annoying for everyone involved.

(If you think it isn't broken, ask yourself what is the point of a rating system on a Go server? Answer: to attempt to pair people of similar strengths, ideally giving them a 50% chance of winning.)

(Prepare for onslaught of abuse from mystery person, with no worries about needing data or evidence. How pleasant. Hope I am pleasantly surprised by being wrong.)

X Re: Justification (2008-08-26 20:54) [#5030]

Abuse? Well I just noticed the 5kyu ranks when I was editing the page, it looked nuts. Sandbaggers is another example of why the table can be broken. The infamous IGS 30kyu rank is another example. Really though, it doesn't look anything else but ridiculous at the moment, especially if there isn't an obvious explanation to refer to.

What is this with no worries about needing data or evidence comment supposed to mean?

PeterHB: Data & evidence (2008-08-26 22:59) [#5031]

Abuse. e.g. nuts, barking. More heat less light. Essentially, as I have pointed out, with data to refer to, there would be no argument. The lack of data, the lack of reference to data, the lack of respect for an honest attempt at a comparison table given the lack of data, is the reason so much noise is being made.

tapir: consider time zones (2009-08-26 22:06) [#6351]

as an european player playing in the evening you should consider it is past midnight in china, korea and japan - this (sleep deprevation and sometimes additional alcohol intoxication) may effect your opponents play in casual games more than all real or imagined rank differences.

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