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Mahasattva: Go shops in Tokyo (2008-08-22 11:53) [#4988]

Can anyone recommend a good Go equipment shop in Tokyo? I know the shop on the Ginza which is rather expensive but believe there is another good store in Shinjuku.

X Re: Go shops in Tokyo (2008-08-22 14:22) [#4989]

Bob McGuigan: There must be dozens of go shops in Tokyo :) In Shinjuku Ookubo Goban Ten can be recommended. They have a web site: [ext] http://homepage2.nifty.com/ohkubogobanten/ Re: Go shops in Tokyo (2008-08-23 01:51) [#5000]

Bob McGuigan: If you are looking for lower-priced stuff, most go shops, even the Maruhachi Gobanten on the Ginza, stock plenty of stuff like glass stones, folding or slotted boards, etc. In fact, most of these shops support themselves by selling lower-level merchandise rather than kaya boards, etc. Re: Go shops in Tokyo (2008-08-23 11:13) [#5003]

Many thanks for the swift reply. I will try the Ookubo Gobanten in shinjuku when I am next in Tokyo in early September and maybe put a short review of the shop's stock for the SL. Regards

PeterHB: Tokyo shop links (2008-08-22 15:45) [#4990]

Page JapanCoolPlaces may help

reply Re: Go shops in Tokyo (2008-12-08 22:54) [#5396]

Go look in second-hand shops, these are all over Japan. In my experience, it is pretty common to find really nice wooden boards, old ones, with legs, nice old stones, for pretty reasonable prices. If you spent an afternoon scouting second hand stores, I'd be real surprised if you didn't turn up a number of nice sets.

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