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Dieter: (Resolved) has link from page (2008-07-27 19:25) [#4911]

The "has link from page X" feature in advanced findpage only lists those pages that have page X as the first link in their backlink list.

The count should correspond to the actual unique forward links on page X.

ArnoHollosi: Example? (2008-07-26 09:23) [#4913]

I have tried some searches, all of them work as expected. Could you give me an example where the bug occurs?

reply ((no subject)) (2008-07-27 00:36) [#4915]

Go Variants lead me to the bug.

ArnoHollosi: no bug (2008-07-27 01:54) [#4916]

Searching for "govariants" yields the correct result: it lists all links from the pages GoVariants, GoVariantsAsTeachingMethod and GoVariantsThatMakeYouBetterPlayerInNormalGo. Note that GoVariants is an alias and only links to one page: Variants.

Now if you search for "Variants" you get 185 links. If there is any problem at all, then it is that the link-searches do an automatic wildcard which you cannot turn off. E.g. the 185 links are actually from these nine pages.

ArnoHollosi: added exact search (2008-07-27 19:25) [#4917]

I have added "exact search" options for pagenames and links.

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