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trafalmadorian: Pools size (2005-11-08 16:24) [#417]

What do you think about the pool max size? I think it was too big for the 2005 tournament. Having 13 or 14 games popping up at once is quite a lot. The more so as we will be stricter on time settings in order to complete the 2006 tournament within 1 year. I think 10 players / pool would be a cooler max.

Walin: ((no subject)) (2005-11-08 19:37) [#418]

For me the 2005 pool sizes were about right. Could be because the opponents played such different paces that it felt less than it was. I think max pool size around 10-12 would be about right.

malweth: ((no subject)) (2005-11-28 12:37) [#549]

I also liked the 2005 pool size... I play fairly quickly (even in a DGS game), so unless a tricky scenario came up I didn't have any problem with this many games.

I could see there being a problem for some if they think a very long time, but 14 games is not unreasonable for a DGS server.

Bildstein: ((no subject)) (2005-11-30 23:00) [#563]

I'd be happier with about 10 games. I agree that 15 games should not be too hard to handle, but unfortunately I don't actually get a lot of time to play on Dragon each day, so it would be a little easier to cope with a few less games (given the potential new time limit - I really didn't have any problems with '05 time limit). Other players might be in the same situation as me, too. I've get the impression that it's not uncommon for people to play on DGS because they never have enough time for a full real-life game.

Of course, if no one else agrees here, that could sort of prove me wrong ;)

Phelan: Agree with Bildstein (2005-12-03 12:49) [#654]

I also play mostly on DGS because I mostly don't have time for a full-time game. I did lose a few games on time, on the 2005 version but the issue doesn't bother me much, I'll play with whatever time system or pool size is chosen.

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