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ArnoHollosi: Which pages should be deleted? (2005-11-05 09:44) [#349]

(moved from deleted page StrongestKGSplayer)

  • Why do we need a page to list KGS's strongest players?
  • Shall I then add another page that lists DGS's strongest players? And then IGS?
  • Is there a reason to record this information?
  • I don't know how popular these "strongest players" are, but will this information still be relevant in a few years? If these players are really relevant in Go, they will get their own page on SL.


jfc: The question shouldn't be why do we need a page... but rather is there some reason why a page should be removed.

Good reasons for removing pages are (IMESHO):

  • The page inspires flamewars and other fights but doesn't seem to have much redeeming value.
  • The page is off topic (e.g. a lengthy page about my scuba trip in the carribean in which no Go is mentioned would likely be off topic).
  • It has been determined that the page is of little interest to the SL community at large. This is typically measured with objective criteria like: How much editing activity occurs there? How many links to the page are there?

The page asking about the strongest KGS player is certainly on topic for a Go wiki. While the particular question is of no great interest to me I don't see that it does any harm to the community at large (as opposed to the which is better, KGS or IGS? page which will cause lots of problems and do little good). I don't expect any of the strong players will care one way or another that they are being discussed in this way.

As to your slippery slope questions, feel free to create DGS, IGS and other "who is the strongest" web pages. If people really find them interesting they will flourish. If not they will wither and die.

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