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reply times/ coverage (2008-01-20 23:40) [#4217]

Hi, would it be possible, to add the GMT-Time of the beginning of the matches, and maybe, where they are covered?

Or is there any good source, to find such dates and coverages. I only know the IGS-page, which sometimes announces Procoverages and often i just find some protorunamentgames on Cyberoro, but a schedule would be really cool.

emeraldemon: coverage (2009-08-21 18:23) [#6329]

This question was asked about a year ago, mine is essentially the same. The Meijin title matches are coming up, it would be really cool to have some place on the internet that played them live, does anybody know of one? Also, I would have expected game records to be somewhere on the Nihon Ki-in website, but there aren't any I can see, at least on the English site. Does the Japanese site have them? I like Mr. Kin's Go News a lot, but where does he get the match records?


tapir: Re: coverage (2009-08-21 18:43) [#6330]

the announcements should be on the federation pages... the nihonkiin has a section about broadcasts at least. but here comes the big caveat -> in japanese. we're lacking some people knowing sufficient japanese to update this. but people with sufficient japanese don't need another page to repeat something they read in the original.

if everyone does a little updating this page may become a great source for aggregated english news. currently this is mostly an one-man-show of valerio, who keeps updating it.

reply some link (2009-08-21 18:54) [#6331]

valerio: cyberoro covers every day, live, a lot of games. Also LGS, taiwanese server, covers some games. Many games are on [ext] (in simplified chinese), on [ext] (in japanese) and on [ext] (traditional chinese). Every five days I publish on my blog ikken.basami the schedule of the games. Unfortunately my English is very poor.

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