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Dieter: My feedback (2022-05-16 09:30) [#12070]

I'm biased of course, as you veto'd two of my pages :) but if people visit a page then it's valuable. So I would just go with that flow.

On the other hand, AOTW may precisely want to bring pages to the front which are not picked up by readers spontaneously.

Since you are the biggest sponsor of that SL feature today, for me you can go ahead with any way you want to continue fostering it.

bugcat: compromise? (2022-05-16 12:24) [#12071]

bugcat: How about if we have just one of either Dieter's mistakes in 2022 or Dieter's mistakes in 2021, but not all the other pages? Or both of them together?

I didn't intend to be heavy handed.

You could also make an objection to the vetos, if you like. eg. if you want to feature Sofia fuseki then sure, let's do that, but I didn't think it would've been your cup of tea.

Dieter: Re: compromise? (2022-05-16 13:24) [#12072]

Didn't mean to be heavy handed either :)

Do as you see fit. I might suggest a few pages for article of the week. I think it's a great tool for advertising the goodies of the site but I've never been zealous at maintaining the flow.

CDavis7M: ((no subject)) (2022-05-16 20:08) [#12073]

I like the idea but I would just let it be automatic and show pages even if they are questionable or too technical. I'm not sure how many are visiting but these pages are already popular and if there is something to be commented on or improved then promoting the article fosters that.

Trying to determine which to veto kind of leads to the same old problems doesn't it?

I do wonder if brining more views to the same pages causes a feedback loop where the pages from the first half of 2022 keep showing up on the next 6 month list, and so on.

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