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sumisu: Beginner's Question (2007-11-20 03:35) [#4052]

So I'm starting to understand the topic of 'taking the corner' and joseki, et cetera, but I’m just not sure what to do next. For instance, after you have played some “Komoku Joseki”, where would you play next, and why (forgive me for an extremely general question)… on some of these charts on the site, I will see moves that I sort of understand, and others that don’t make sense (though they are probably self-evident to the people who played them and just the result of inverted move order or otherwise)… I guess my question may sound convoluted, but what should be the basic goal of the next play after a joseki (if not an invasion or starting another corner pattern), and why would another play not work? There are probably 200+ choices of where to play, but it seems that among good players there is always a ‘consensus’ of 8 or so moves that are acceptable. I’m just wondering why the other 20 or so that aren’t stupid from the get-go aren’t acceptable (and I know it just may take more study, in addition to the fact that we are still learning…) anyways, thanks so much for all you guys do on this site for everyone from beginners to experts!


ArnoHollosi: Re: Beginner's Question (2007-11-20 10:40) [#4054]

I suggest you read through the Beginner Study Section (chapter 6 onward). You should look for extensions to build frameworks. Also, have a look at "Some Basic Tips For Fuseki" and "The Basics Of Fuseki".

Hope that helps.

Dieter: answer (2007-11-20 10:44) [#4055]

Hi Sumisu. There is the beginner study section on Sensei's Library.

Personally, I'd advise you to not to fall into the trap of corner play - joseki - strange chaotic middle game - monkey jumps and hane connects in the endgame if any

Go is much richer than that. One of my personal favorites about the deep richness hidden in the simple ruleset, is haengma tutorial for beginners.

sumisu: Thank you (2007-11-21 21:19) [#4064]

Thanks for your suggestions. They will help me.


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