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Archiving obsolete comments from main [#11905]

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amtiskaw: Archiving obsolete comments from main (2022-02-15 11:51) [#12017]

I'm rewriting the page and may as well store some very old comments here:

Note that these are rather old...

RueLue, Sept.'12: As there are still some important functions missing (undo, resume a suspended or interrupted game, console), it can still be considered to be a beta version. But, of course, it runs stable!

RueLue, Oct.'12: version 2.0.3 is out (coming as "stable"), supports now also undo and resume. No stones sound with Java 6 and Java 7 (1.6.0_35 / 1.7.0_09). - oops - there is sound! There seems to be a problem with sound: sometimes it is off, when it should be on (button shows "Sound enabled"). Is Ubuntu here with client in Iron, Java

Unknown user: RueLue: about the sounds: if the sounds are played through JavaScript, I cannot blame Java for this.

usa2014: I have the same problem with sounds running Javascript via Firefox on Windows 7. It will work until something happens (perhaps I make a comment), then sounds stop even though client says "sounds enabled".

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