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reply This page is bad and you should feel bad (2007-09-24 16:39) [#3910]

Honestly, "Baka no Itte"? This site is starting to look more like otaku hikaru fans instead of an educational go site. Imagine if you were to look at a book to buy, and you flip to the glossary, and see "Baka no Itte". You would put the book back down.

xela: There's a sense in which it's OK. (2007-09-25 02:02) [#3917]

Go back to the page and look at the top right. Next to "keywords", what do you see?

Zarlan: Only a complete fool wouldn't know it's a joke. (2007-09-25 14:10) [#3919]

Actually, if the book had "Baka no Itte", that would show that the author has a neat sense of humour, so I'd be even more interested.
The risk of someone believing that "Baka no Itte" is anything other then a joke, is rather small.
The risk that someone who writes a book about Go, would believe it, is very small indeed.

This is a big site. It has room for pages of pure, Go related, humour. Not only that, but I think it is appropriate and indeed good, that it has such pages exist here.
...and "otaku hikaru fans"? Well many people who like Go are Hikaru no Go fans. Those who aren't, can still appreciate the joke
...or they can go of to some other page

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