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This happened a few years ago, but since I just remembered about it now, here it is:

I had just come together with the woman who would eventually become my wife. We had met through Go.
Invited to a social evening with some of her friends the question how we had met inevitably arose - which just as inevitably led to both her and me taking turns giving a very lengthy and very enthusiastic account of many aspects of Go, which didn't look as if it would be coming to an end any time soon.
Until a very polite, but definitely slightly exasperated gentleman managed to slip the question in: "So, do you also have a game called 'Stop' then?"

Mark Wirdnam

ricbit: Actually here in Brazil we have a game called Stop! There are even some online versions, such as [ext] http://www.centraldejogos.com.br/stop/stop.asp
This game is usually played when you're in a vacation with friends, but without any kind of tools to play anything more complex (such as finding a goban while it's raining on the beach)

Phelan: We have that game in Portugal too, also called Stop. Used to play it when I was in high school.

koreangrl8 there is a korean card game called "go stop" ^ .^

Stop is a go variant also! Played on a 9x9, go rules with these exceptions: no passing, if you can capture you must, and the goal of the game is to make you oppoent get 20 captuers. Turns into very interesting games.

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