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Other Profesionnals in Hamburg [#1144]

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Hicham: Other Profesionnals in Hamburg (2007-09-13 16:40) [#3888]

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tderz):I wonder whether there wasn't a professional player living in Hamburg in the 70's and 80's (source: late Juergen Mattern). I have met this Korean only once in the eighties, he gave a speech. I do not know his strength (perhaps 8d?) and I recall that Juergen mentioned that he was a (former) professional). He spoke excellent German (which was not usual among the Koreans in Germany at that time).
Do some Hamburg players give more details on this? (

Herman Hiddema.>That would probably be Yong SuYoo, right? He lived in Germany in the eighties and played a best of 9 match against Ronald Schlemper (European Champion, 7d) which he won 7-2 --

No Herman, Yong SuYoo lived in the Köln area, who e.g. pushed 'weak 3 dan' David Schoffel (he quoted himself) to 5-6 dan.
I am referring to at least the same caliber of player, but purportedly a retired? professional, who did not have much interaction with the Go scene. I have seen him only once in the eighties on a tournament (Frankfurt?) , holding a speech.

reply Korean Pro in Germany (2008-04-08 02:15) [#4592]

Hi Thomas,

yes, you are right. It was Mr. Lee, 8d or 9d Pro.Probably Michael Katscher and Stefan Budig know more about him.

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