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Videoreviews' links on different sections in SL [#1135]

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Alejo: Videoreviews' links on different sections in SL (2007-08-29 11:42) [#3867]

I wonder if I hsould add the links of my videos in each program section in Sensei's Library.

Obviously, the purpose of the videos is that people watch them and, therefore, they can get an idea of how does the program work. If they don't know my site, they won't see the review.

On the other side, I'm afraid that people would understand this as a form of spam...

What do you think?

reply hi (2008-04-17 16:00) [#4628]

theres a lot ways of spamming but your intention is good maybe its ok to put a link just dont flood plenty of links in it! for sure they will consider it as spam!...


hotfrog If you haven't checked out book trailers, or if you want to see some really cools ones I've found a few places that are really good. My favorite is on YouTube at, but I also like the new ones on the site at and go to the BN Studio, and I love the Borders Media site too. VidLits? are pretty cool [ext]

HermanHiddema: ((no subject)) (2008-04-17 16:09) [#4629]

Go right ahead, I would say. I'm sure the active sensei's editors will see the value in having links to these reviews.

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