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Joseki on the side of the board? [#1123]

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BruceTheHoon: Joseki on the side of the board? (2007-08-23 10:54) [#3835]

"Attack and Defense" has a chapter on invasions into three-point extensions. In the introduction of that chapter, it confirms my suspicion held for quite a while, namely that 'for smaller frameworks there are standard josekis for invasion, cutting and making life' (quote approximately rendered from memory). In other words, there are standard sequences arising from attacking or defending keima, ogeima and nikken-tobi in places farther off from the corners. Some books have examples of such joseki, e.g. one volume of 'Learn to play go' shows the way to make life from a nikken-tobi on the third line. Question: where, if at all, can I find a dictionary of such non-corner joseki? Or is everyone supposed to figure them out for him/herself?

It is somewhat annoying when Many Faces of Go and GnuGo both respect me to the point of not even trying to invade such a framework, probably assuming that I could defend it anyway, while I am sure I would have at least a hard time doing so, supposing I would not just botch it altogether. I have noticed that I am becoming quite good in "imitating" proper Go play, making extensions I know the programs will respect and leave alone, even if I have no idea why do they work. I suppose this qualifies as forming bad habits.

Bill: Re: Joseki on the side of the board? (2007-08-23 14:37) [#3836]

Sakata's Tesuji and Antisuji of Go contains a lot of standard sequences on or towards the side of the board.

BruceTheHoon: Re: Joseki on the side of the board? (2007-08-23 15:31) [#3838]

Thanks for the book suggestion; now let the hunting season begin, as Sakata's book is out of print. Re: Joseki on the side of the board? (2007-08-23 14:41) [#3837]

Stop playing computers if you want to improve. Play your extensions against humans on a Go Server and you'll be invaded before you can say "Mochikomi". Also, study (high) dan amateur games on the go server, where actual invasion josekis will be more frequent than in pro games (where they rarely follow suit in the middle game). -Dieter

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