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Sequence dissection (Cho hun hyun 9p) [#1102]

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reply Sequence dissection (Cho hun hyun 9p) (2007-08-09 07:33) [#3779]

Minue : Source is "Dialogues with Cho hun hyun", page 219~223

Cho 9p: This is the game of Lee chang ho and Ma xyao chun 9p which they played in shying hai of china last time in LG cup international tornament.

Lee Kwang-Goo: Ah,,this is the game? A bit confusing, nowadays, they meet so frequently…

Cho 9p: Yes, I also got confused from time to time. Anyway, a little interesting position occurred in the opening.

Lee Kwang-Goo: You mean, top left corner area in Focus diagram(장면), right? When white attached and cut with W1 and W3, black usually takes white by B1 as in diagram 1(1도), but Ma 9p actually didn’t take it, but connected as in diagram 2(2도) and white played W2, and W4.

Cho 9p: Yes, That’s it. Though I said right now it was an interesting sequence, in fact it was not understandable to me rather than interesting.

Lee Kwang-Goo: Do you mean, connection by B1 was weird in diagram 2(2도)?

I remember some talks happened at the time (between pros to examine the game) something like ‘Ma 9p’s play seems not bad and ok, it leaves some weaknesses in outside white , A, B (diagram 2 – 2도), though black allowed W2… maybe he researched about this pos on his own?, blah blah…’

Cho 9p: But, it doesn’t make any sense to me. Let’s examine it now. See diagram 3(3도).

Lee Kwang-Goo: This is sequence dissection.

Cho 9p: Yes, it’s to reconstruct a position played on board. That is, reconstructing the actual game sequence. First, attachment by W1, this is a reasonable move for white, right?

Lee Kwang-Goo: Yes. And…if W1, then isn’t it normal for black to play hane by B3, or extend with A in diagram 2(2도)?

Cho 9p: Right, but actual game position is like black retreated with B2 (Diagram 3 - 3도).

Lee Kwang-Goo: then, From B2, bad move begins.

Cho 9p: No, it’s a bit too much to say it is definitely a bad move. We can allow that B2 may be a normal move. The problem begins when white played W3, W3 is not a bad move, right? In some sense, we would say that it is a good move… by the way, here black played kosumi with B4. what about this?

Lee Kwang-Goo: that’s somehow funny.

Cho 9p: Weird, right? And when White attached by W5…, W5 is a normal move as a shape point which we usually often play. By the way, when white played W5, Black crouched and made tiger mouth. What about this?

Lee Kwang-Goo: That’s really wierd.

Cho 9p: Of course, there was also a bad move in white’s sequence. It’s because the actual game position is just like that White played W1 and let black take by B2 as in diagram 4(4도). But the problem is that there were much more bad moves by black than bad moves by white. Also, W1 in diagram 4(4도) is just a local damage, B4, B6 in diagram 3(3도) are huge mistake that its damage impacts over whole board. Instead of B4 (diagram 3 – 3도), black should play knight move as in diagram 5(5도), or one space jump at A. And instead of B6 (diagram3- 3도), black should play hane as in diagram 6(6도), right?

Lee Kwang-Goo: Yes, I see.

Cho 9p: So, in my view, B1 in diagram 2(2도) is just non sense..

Lee Kwang-Goo: With Ma 9p’s strength, this level of sequence dissection must be so easy and clear, then why do you think he made this non sense?

Cho 9p: I just have to say, it may be that he probably did something wrong in his research. If that’s not the case, it may be because he was aware of Lee chang-ho too much, This kind of things can happen when we are aware of our opponent too much, and lose everytime we play against him as Ma 9p does. Though I understand how he feels about Lee chang ho, anyway, he should get over Lee chang ho complex as fast as he can.

LukeNine45: A 9p played that?? (2007-08-09 18:09) [#3781]

So why did he play B1 in diagram 2 (2도)? Was it so he could later play around B3 in 1 (1도) and get more than that play is worth at the moment? Letting white trade W2 for B3 in 2 (2도) looks awful to me, it looks like the sort of move I would point out when teaching someone around 10 kyu...

Hmmm... I guess black did get sente... maybe that's worth getting shut in???

Minue: Re: A 9p played that?? (2007-08-09 23:03) [#3783]

So why did he play B1 in diagram 2 (2도)?

==> I don't know. Lee kwang goo asked the same question to cho at the end of conversation. As you can read, cho 9p guessed it may be due to Ma 9's mental depression from his losses to Lee chang ho in a row in many important international tornament.

In my memory, score of Ma 9p against LCH was once about 10 losses and 1 winning at a time. As cho mentioned in the conversation, He lost to Lee almost everytime he played Lee in important international tornament games. Then, no wonder that he suffered from serious mental stress.

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