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reply asking for directions...kind of lost (2007-06-22 16:43) [#3465]

Hi everyone;

I recently got interested in Go and I really wish to take it up as a hobby. Seems quite of a fresh game compared to anything I've played before...

Luckily I came across this site which has vast amount of info...but i'm getting kind of lost.

I'm not much of a technical guy; but when I start reading I tend to click most (if not every) underlined word aiming to increase my (for now almost empty) knowledge of Go. So far I read and got an idea of the basic Go rules and I'm quite happy about it.

I wish to know if there is a print option/function somewhere, which prints the whole document+sublinks pages. Because printing from browser is not that satisfactory (mainly because of many sub-links opening again new pages)

I really wish to read them comfortably any time because i'm a bit aged and monitor-reading tires me out;

thanks for your help

X Re: asking for directions...kind of lost (2007-07-04 22:58) [#3519]

Sensei's Library site is a great site, but if you're new to the game and looking for an introduction, it can be a bit daunting.

I started here: [ext] http://www.nihonkiin.or.jp/lesson/school-e/index.htm

Which is a very simple, short way into the game. You won't become a master by it, but you'll be able to start playing and have some basic knowledge.

Other sites aimed specifically for beginners can be found here: [ext] http://www.usgo.org/resources/internet.html

You can also just start playing online and learn by doing: [ext] http://www.dragongoserver.net/status.php (turn based) [ext] http://www.gokgs.com/ (real-time).

I also recommend the series of Go books by Janice Kim. They're the first one's listed on this site:

[ext] http://www.samarkand.net/Web_store/web_store.cgi?product=book&cart_id=4178822_46052

Hopefully, you can find them at your library.

Hope this helps some.


Dieter: Re: asking for directions...kind of lost (2007-07-20 17:03) [#3581]

Look in the beginner study section. It's a good summary of what's useful here for beginners.

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