Xuanxuan Qijing Problem 130 / Solution

Shortage of liberties is the theme here.


W1 is the key, B2 has to prevent W1 from escaping. After W5, black can't approach from either side. Alternatively, W5 at 'a' also works.


If black plays B2 here, W3 W5 W7 does the same trick. Alternatively, 7 at 'a' also works.

W3 in this diagram is not as good  

W3 in the previous diagram is better, because with ouside help, black can try to escape like this.


Making atari with W1 doesn't work.  
This atari doesn't work either.  

Don't play B4 at 'a', or white plays B4 and kills.


If W1 black just secure the eye in the corner with B2. B2 at 'a' also works.


After B2, the best white can do is getting a ko with x or y.

Don't get confused!!

It is important to notice where the outside liberties are. Let's look at this related problem.

A similar problem  

'a' no longer works because of the liberty at 'x'. It won't be explained here but W1 at 'b' is the killing move for this black group.


This is the original problem, do you see the difference?


Without external liberty:
[ext] Life and death problem 001 on Michael Redmond's Go TV
With outside liberty:
[ext] Life and death problem 002 on Michael Redmond's Go TV

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