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KoKs : I'm pretty sure that the new Japan record of youngest female pro is now 11 and something years old. I just cannot remmember the name of the girl - it's at the tip of my tounge. She is a student of some amateur Korean player who operates a go school in Japan.

--> Fujisawa Rina

KoKs: thanks tapir =D

Andy: How can the simultaneous holder of three major titles not be 9d? Who are they kidding with this 5d stuff?

valerio: Theese are not open titles. Female titles don't count for promotion.

I don't understand. Is the dan rating scale universal such that a 5d woman is of equal strength to a 5d man? Would an 8d man easily take all the women's titles if allowed to compete?

Hyperpapeterie: Well, there are multiple issues here. 8p is not precisely a strength, but a record of achievement. Do you mean an 8p under the new Japanese system or old? The answer for old is "absolutely not." Under the new, the answer is "not easily." However, a new Japanese 8p would certainly be strong enough to win women's titles, maybe even to sweep.

One further issue: if women participate less in the open titles, that would make them less likely to be promoted. I do not know if that is the case or not. Certainly women do compete in the open titles, but their results are not on par with new 9p players.

Also, I put zero credence in the thought that Xie Yimin will stay 5p. She will continue to advance.

tapir: [ext] http://valeriosampieri.wordpress.com/statistiche-giapponesi-3/ may give a better perspective (look at her position and compare with a lot of well known 9 dan professionals). But of course she didn't win a major open title yet or won 200 games as a 8 dan as required to be promoted to 9 dan in the new system. Btw. there are female 8 dans as well promoted by their record in Oteai etc. and none of them ever hold all three (four) titles at the same time afaik.

Andy: Does she enter the open title tournaments? How's her record there?

valerio: No, she lost in the preliminary rounds of all open titles (in the Meijin she don't played yet in 2010).

tapir: She is a regular in the A and final preliminaries taking out even well known players on the way, but is rarely seen in a main tournament. In last years NHK cup (she is qualified automatically to NHK cup afaik) she reached the third round then losing against later winner Yuki Satoshi. In the Ryusei her best result were two wins. In the Daiwa cup she qualified for the main tournament and won the first round once. But that she is having a positive record despite continuously grinding her way up through the preliminaries (this year she will start in the A preliminaries of the honinbo afaik, that is the 4th k.o. round) seems to indicate progress and there is more to be expected in future. However, she is not one of those to-be-superstars who knock on the door of the Honinbo league in the first or second year of their career (like Suzuki Shinji). She did well in the Yugen cup as well, but this one does not count as well.

valerio: Xie Yimin was promoted every year according to prize-winning in the previous year. She is a very strong professional player, as her results in 2006 demonstrate (In the Hiroshima Arumi she beat Shuto Shun, Anzai Nobuaki and Ri Ishu; in the Nakano Cup she beat Ko Iso and Shida Tatsuya: they are all top players in Japan).

Hyperpapeterie: I think that's a loose definition of top player. Shida Tatsuya and Anzai Nobuaki, in particular, might be top 50 in Japan, but haven't challenged for a title or entered a league, iirc.

I wish there were Japanese ratings--it's so hard to estimate just looking at results. A certain group at the very top jump out at you, but after that, it's much more nebulous.

Velobici: You might want to look at the ProGOR site ([ext] http://www.goweb.cz/progor/ladder) which lists her in position 283 as of 5 July 2008. No updates since :(

tapir: Interesting link. I believe they calculate the rating EGD-style in that you have a starting GoR depending on your professional dan-level. That is why Cornel Burzo (typoed to 6 dan professional) placed 163 in this rating before mere former world champions like Ma Xiaochun. :) Regarding Xie Yimin: From 2004-2007 she had a record of 100 won games to 54 lost games (in official counted matches), the EGD-style rating computes only 31 won and 20 lost.

Velobici ProGoR is the EGF Rating System applied to professionals. Entry rank/ratings does make a difference. Having an accurate and complete dataset is desirable.

Hyperpapeterie: Holigor's system gave similar results without any weight given to professional rankings, though there the data was even older 2006. Bear in mind that she had started having good results at that time, but I'm still not sure what to conclude.

tapir: Anyone knows her overall result from 2012? Seems to be her worst year according to total wins (she seems to have some trouble keeping the winning percentage now she plays final preliminaries all around).

valerio: Xie ended 2012 with 21 wins and 21 losses and lost the Female Kisei title. She lost in the preliminaries of the Kisei (prel. A: Yo Kagen 9 dan), Meijin (prel B: Adachi 2 dan), Honinbo (prel. A: Inaba 1 dan), Judan (prel. A: Rin Shien 7 dan), Gosei (prel. A: Fujita 3 dan), Tengen (prel. A: Ishida Yoshio 9 dan) and Oza (prel. A: O Meien 9 dan). Yes Tapir, I think this was her worst year.

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