Wouldn't It Be Nice


"Wouldn't it be nice" play is play which assumes that your opponent will either:

  1. not realize what you're trying to do; or
  2. make a stupid mistake that will allow your plan to blossom

This is disrespectful and/or self-defeating. It's almost always disrespectful when playing against stronger opponents, because they will almost certainly recognize what you're up to.

It's self-destructive because when your opponent catches on, she will punish you severely simply by playing on the spot you were hoping she would avoid.

And when it does work (usually against weaker opponents), it reinforces the idea that it's a good way to play -- exactly the wrong message you should receive!

Instead, make moves that you can read out as being successful, and -- if possible -- have multiple ways of achieving positive ends.

-- Scartol

This is a nice English paraphrase of the term "katteyomi." --ProtoDeuteric

Bill: Not really. Scartol is talking about hoping for the opponent to make a mistake, not about making an error in reading.

Wouldn't It Be Nice last edited by Bill on July 30, 2006 - 21:45
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