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WBaduk allows to play games with special rules. The rules that follow are a cut and paste from the client software (the English used is even worse than mine).-Ryzours

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One Color

One Colored Baduk: During a game, the colors of the stones are normal in the opponent's turn, but, in the player's turn, the colors of all the stones are shown in one color. But, if the player, uses Chance, the colors of the stones become normal even in the player's turn.


Bomb Baduk: This function makes that the color of the player's stone is suddenly changed into the color of the opponent's one, The number of using this function for both players is set before a game. It means that when Black makes a certain move, the black stone suddenly becomes white, and also when White makes a certain move, the white stone becomes black. When Bomb Move function is used,the move order is not changed.


Yeon-Ta Baduk: If selecting Chance function during a game, the opponent's turn is forced to take off. It means that a player has a chance to make a move twice in a row. But, Chance function is only available until a certain move which was set before the game started and it only works when the player clicks the button just before making a move.


Command Baduk: During a game, the opponent's move is managed by the player after his/her turn while Chance function of the player is on.(player's stone, opponent's stone, player's stone: making a move three times in a row). But, Chance function is only applied until a certain move which was set before the game started. And this function should be selected before he/she plays a move.


Random Baduk: The number of the stones of Black and White, which are set during negotiating the conditions of the game,are automatically and randomly placed on the board,and then the game starts.This function is also applied to a handicap game.

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