Vision attacking play 1

  Difficulty: Advanced   Keywords: MiddleGame, Strategy
Daniel-Suttle; Black to play  

Initial position.

Black forces White  

B1 here is very good. White has no choice about answering at W2; and Black can continue to attack the white stones on the right.

Dave: Locally what if White plays 2 at a instead? This doesn't take away one of B1's liberties but it does threaten to exchange b for c next, activating the cut at d.

But really the situation of the center stones is such that wouldn't it be better to ignore B1 and jumpt to e or at least try something like f?

The question is, how?

Local sequence  

This is Black's natural local sequence.

Correct direction  

After playing the marked exchange, Black should shut off the lower side before pressing the attack. B1 and B3 here are good. Black at a is also good.

The actual game  

In the game Black attacked as shown here; but W2 was a good answer.

Less favourable direction  

There is a problem about attacking with B1 here. It will induce White to play at a, or b. The black framework at the top has defects.

This page is part of the Trigantius archives, Vision series.

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